Drive Value. Lower Costs.
Facilitate Patient Self-Service.

How It Works



Members search for and select physicians online

The most used feature of any payer website is the provider directory, and Cadit’s technology allows members to schedule with any doctor from within the directory. Members search for physicians as they already do, but with Cadit, rather than picking up the phone to call the provider, they can schedule directly from within the payer website. The member finds the doctor they’re looking to go to, clicks on the “Schedule an Appointment” button, and our system opens up – all cleanly embedded within the directory.


Members schedule appointments without leaving your site

Members schedule appointments by telling us what they are coming in for, when they are available, and answering questions relevant to the appointment they are looking for. We securely pull member information from the payer record, including demographic, contact, and insurance information. Members can schedule for dependents as well. Additionally, we populate provider information directly from the online directory, ensuring that we know exactly which location the patient wants to be seen at.


Call-center agents reach out to providers and schedule appointments

The patient request is passed along to our call-center agents, who reach out to the provider on the member’s behalf. Our agents act as a health concierge, ensuring that the patient has a positive outcome by getting them the appointment they are looking for, or helping them find a better option. Our innovative, call-center based approach allows patients to schedule with any doctor, and ensures there is always a human who can guide the patient through the process, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.


Automated appointment confirmations and reminders sent to patient

Once the patient’s appointment is scheduled, it triggers an automated appointment confirmation, reminder, and follow-up process. This ensures that the patients have full information about their appointments, and can be used to get relevant content to patients to improve their experience with the provider. This includes notes and instructions from the provider’s office, as well as information on what to bring with them to their appointment. Active patient messaging ensures that patients are fully prepared for their appointments.

About Our Product

Add Value to Your Most Used Feature

The provider directory is the single most utilized feature of any payer website. Embedding Cadit’s technology adds value to the most used feature, facilitates member self-service, promotes web utilization, and increases member registration.

Lower Costs

Pricing transparency is key for reducing healthcare costs, but too often, pricing is separate from scheduling. By integrating cost data into the scheduling process, we ensure that patients are routed to the best and cheapest option for their specific need.

Promote Member Self-Service

Every registered member reduces your costs, automating patient outreach, and facilitating member self-service. Enable members to go paperless, reduce customer service calls, and gain insight into member system utilization.


Complete Customizability

Our platform is designed to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site, ensuring a tailored experience for the member. Completely control the look and feel, and match your existing web content.

Three Implementation Methods

Cadit offers three ways to implement our platform: a white label widget (to get things running fast), a single sign-on embedded widget (for ultimate user convenience), and a complete API (for absolute control).

White Label

Our white-label implementation provides for a complete member experience, without necessitating increased development efforts, speeding time to launch and maximizing utility for the member.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on allows for coordinated transfer of patient information, ensuring accurate member data is sent across without requiring the member to authenticate multiple times.

API Implementation

Our RESTful API-based solution allows our platform to be directly built into your existing web portal. This is the most seamless approach, and allows full customization of all features.